Rally Costa Brava 2020 tietoa/alennettu osanottomaksu

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Rally Costa Brava 2020 tietoa/alennettu osanottomaksu

Viesti Kirjoittaja admin » 30 Joulu 2019, 13:57

Rally Costa Brava ajetaan 13.-14.3.2020. Järjestäjällä on alennettu osanottomaksu kun maksu/ilmoittautuminen suoritetaan 31.12.2019 mennessä.

Lisätietoa järjestäjältä:

The last stage of the year finishes with the last days to register for the 68th Rally Costa Brava at a reduced price.

Again, Girona is expected to welcome a great number of teams, with up to 40% of international teams! New stages, big Village and Welcome Party on Thursday for all participants.

Take advantage from the reduced price, if you do the payment until December 31st, register!


http://rallyclassics.club/wp-content/up ... RCB_EN.pdf

http://rallyclassics.club/wp-content/up ... rio-V1.pdf

To a season full of successes.
Happy holidays from all the team,
RallyClassics Team

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